If You Really Want It, You make it happen, no matter what!!

It is very interesting that sometimes, we are willing to make great sacrifices for certain things or people, and not for other things or other people, even when we know some of those things and some of those people, are not worth the value that we place on them.

I cannot speak for others, but some personal experience in the matter tells me that when I have made great sacrifices for the people and for the things that I really value and care about, the person that has enjoyed the greatest benefit of all has been myself.

And with that realization comes today’s blog entry; “If you really want it. You make it make it happen, no matter what!!”

Sometimes to accomplish your wish, not only will you have to make what seems to be great sacrifices, but you need to be “selfish” and place yourself first, above all, no matter what. You need to desire your wish, visualize it, and think it is yours already and you need to feel confident enough, to believe it is within your reach, all yours and with that confidence, you will go after it.

Nothing and nobody are going to stop you from getting what you want, including those things and those people you give great value to, and the ones you constantly make sacrifices for. You are worth it! It is your turn to place value on yourself as number one in your own life.

You know all sacrifices pay off at the end, and more than ever, you know if you want something, you just need to make the decision you want it and it will be yours, if you really, really want it, because you will do whatever is necessary and you will not makeup excuses not to have it.

And even before you know exactly how you will attain that which your heart desires, you are convinced you can have it, and that will be your fuel to make it yours. You know what you want is good and you know this will bless yours and the life of many.

You will make the needed sacrifices. You will take the time to find strategies. You will use all the creativity you have to resolve problems. You will use all the resources available, in and around you. 
And so, you do, you go with faith, with hope, with that great confidence and gratitude, and you reach, and you grab that which is all yours, what you have worked so hard to get and that which you know was promised to you and was always there.

And then you rejoice, and you are even more grateful.

I hope you go for your own and achieve all your good wishes, all of them, and I hope you know you deserve all of them!

-La Niña Internacional-

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