Orange: Excitement, warmth and energy!!


As I am starting to write this entry, I notice the orange- yellow sun icon on the left bottom of my computer monitor, and next to it the temperature: 99 degrees, and below the word Sunny.
And I think to myself, what a coincidence, I am looking at the image in front of me and the orange right there, next to the model, looks exactly like the small weather temperature icon displayed on my screen...

No, there is no coincidence. it is meant to be. All the excitement, warmth and energy I feel inside is comparable to orange and to the somewhat "vibrant" temperature right now. Many great things are coming up and a new adventure is about to begin.

Yes, it is August 29, to be exact, when I am writing these lines, and it is a hot day. In a few days it will be September and we will still have a few days of 100-degree weather, say the weather experts.

We will slowly transition from Summer to Autumn, and I can't wait for the fall to come, with its magnificent array of colors, especially orange, or orange-yellow or yellowish or reddish or any other combinations I do not know how to call.

I already started to wear orange and yellow this past weekend, and I noticed the sunsets are showing more orange tones and the grassy fields look an amazing tone of orange as well. And it makes me all excited and it gives me more energy and of course, I feel warmer, more inviting, happier, wearing those bright colors of the fall as I like to call them.

Orange colors and hues look beautiful on any skin tone, especially when playing with makeup, jewelry, accessories and hair. I think no matter the eye color, orange can enhance people's features and make everyone look more beautiful and of course, stand out more.

What about you reading these lines. How do you feel about orange or yellow or reddish yellow, or orange red, or yellowish orange?

This is my first blog post for "La Niña Internacional", and I wanted to make sure the post reflects how I feel right now as I am writing these thoughts. I feel like an orange, and I feel like the sun, round and full, sunny, warm, full of excitement and energy, so let’s shine and let’s keep on rotating and may the powerful forces of the universe keep me on track and strong, and may many others benefit from our rays of sunshine.

-La Niña Internacional-

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