Our Life is a Big Canvas. Master Pieces Take Time!!

Some people say they are not good at art and then, they take a brush and an extraordinary piece of art comes about. Art is not about "perfection" Art is about expressing moods, feelings and emotions, and the more raw and real they are, the greater the art.

We go about life, each of us in our own terms and living the life we think it is best for us. We are painting our own master piece, one day at a time.
Some times we may think we are not doing a good job, and other times, we may think we got everything figured out, however, if we look, observe, and really pay attention from the outside in and with a wider perspective, we may find out, that we can always improve and make everything we do, even better.

Some times we just need to change our perspective and sometimes, we may need to change the brushes, or the colors, or the painting we are using, and/or, the picture and the vision we had when we started our project, and re-start all over again.

Life is a big canvas, and we are constantly creating art and creating that picture we have set in our minds, of what our lives should be or what we want our lives to be and that is perfectly find. What we do not want in our lives, is for others to be painting our canvas for us, to tell us what to paint, or what colors to use, or to tell us that what we are painting is not good.

We are the ones in control of the brush. We know what works for us. We know what we like and how we like it, and we need to know that great master pieces take time and we can create one, in a few days, a few months, or even in a few years and that is okay.

We also need to know that nothing is perfect and even master pieces can be better and that improvement, in all areas of our life is always a great thing.

Off I go, to continue working on my master piece and I hope you do too. Have a great day!!

-La Niña Internacional-

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