Autumn. Time to Renew Again!!

"The days are shorter, the breeze is crispier, and the scenery astonishingly gorgeous!! The abundant green foliage of the Summer has began its transition to a multicolor of beautiful shades, colors and hues, before they disintegrate and become one with the soil, the earth, the water, and the air, to transform into new life, next Spring. The cycle continues, it never ends, it transforms, it changes, it renews and it goes on and on forever"

Fall is my favorite season of the year, follow by Spring and then Summer. I appreciate Winter and it "magnificent" and "majestic" beauty, but not as much as the Fall season.

Fall weather is just perfect, in my opinion. Not too warm, not too cold, just the perfect weather to exercise, to go shopping, to dance outdoors, to gather with friends and family, to just simply enjoy a cup of tea in the balcony, to walk the dogs and to wear the most comfortable, beautiful and fashionable clothing to match the beautiful colors.

To me, Fall represents change, renewal, and the end of my own Era. It is the time to leave everything from the Summer past behind and the time to start something new, and something better.

As the colors of the leaves change and as the leaves fall from the trees, I cannot help it but to think about my own life and my own yearly changes and renewal. It is exciting and fun, to re-visit each past year, through photos, that remind me of moments, events, situations, and people, and the emotions I experienced during those times, and the emotions those memories bring back now.

I cannot believe it has been 2 years already, since we all experience the Pandemic. A lot has changed and a lot still remains the same. I made new friends I have remain in contact with, and some people I became acquainted with for several months, are no longer there, and just as the beautiful Summer leaves, they may have simply transformed and changed into another form of forever "present" beauty, and continue to be part of this world, and part of us.

We all have to renew one way or another, to continue moving forward. Isn't that an interesting concept? Every living thing does it. The beautiful array of plants and leaves have started the process. All those fallen leaves will provide shelter and insulation for a lot of animals during the cold months, and nutrient rich soil for the new plants and animals in the Spring.

We, as humans are normally and naturally renewing and changing constantly from birth to death, and we cannot stop those changes from happening, such as growing old, or getting wrinkles, or getting gray hair. Sooner or later those changes will happen. However, we can delayed those changes, and in some cases and in some ways, reverse some of those changes, and it isn't wonderful we can do that?

We can renew and change ourselves from the inside out if we want it, and we can do it in many ways. In this Era we live in, there are many ways to permanently or temporary change ourselves using science, technology, education, and will power, and we can decide what changes we will make, according to what we want, and what we think is better for us.

Some of us for example will change hair style, or will shave it all off or will bleach it or will color it a very bold color. Some of us may decide we will start to learn a second language, and some of us may have plastic surgery to enhance a body part we want to enhance, and some may decide to go live overseas, and some may change their careers. There are many wants out there and many choices.

With all of these changes comes renewal and a different life to live, as we will have to adapt to all those new changes. And the renewal may take a few days, weeks, months, or years to complete, and even thought, we continue to be the same person, we will leave something behind, to transform into "something" new; a new persona, with new ambitions perhaps. And all that we left behind, will push us to be different, to be able to reach something that will sustain us, when our own new Spring will begin.

I have to go now to continue the renewal process, and while renewing myself, my own way, I continue to contemplate, to admire, and to enjoy, this extraordinary spectacle called Autumn, and I continue to be grateful for all the wonderful changes, and experiences coming my way, and specially, I am grateful for my life and for being able to enjoy it to the fullest.

This is going to be another beautiful Fall season. I hope you get to enjoy it in all of its splendor by visiting all those amazing peeks we have around in Utah, or in the state you are in. And if you do not have Fall season where you live, then you should come and visit one of the states that does, and enjoy and renew yourself.

(Originally shared on September 23, 2022 on blog)

-La Niña Internacional-

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