Self-Empowerment*Getting Everything you Want and You Are Ready For!!


Self-empowerment to me is loving and respecting yourself. Self-empowerment is also hard work, discipline, integrity, courage, consistency, faith, gratitude, hope, and honesty with oneself first, to achieve that, which is desired.

With the above qualities mentioned, you will not allow anyone to disrespect you and/or bring into your life nothing, absolutely nothing, except for positive vibes and vibrations, honesty, and integrity.

You will not accept any unwelcome advice and suggestions from those who lack integrity and respect first, and second, those who have no idea what you have gone through and the reality of your own life, no matter if they are family members, but especially strangers.

Working hard in all aspects of life, not just "dreaming and wishing," will allow you to get anything in life, you desire, and everything you are ready for.

Respecting others in the process and not cutting corners will get you there even faster, as karma is real and what you do to others, in thought and action, will come back to you as many times as you create that karma.

Every single moment of my life, I come across many people. Some of those meetings are just for a few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years. However, I always learned something from those people, and I always remember the nice, great encounters, and I hope, if anything, that I impact people in a positive way, for that short or long period of time.

2023 gave me the opportunity once again to meet wonderful, extraordinary souls, among many, and the opportunity to learn so much from them.

I was inspired beyond my imagination, and I was positively transformed inside and out by only allowing all that is positive and of good intention and vibration into my own sacred life, and for that, I am so grateful.

And with that, I end this thought. May the universe bring all that is good, beautiful, kind, amazing, and wonderful into your life. All the good things your heart desires and you deserve, this 2024.

May you have the courage, the persistence, the faith, the gratitude, and the conviction needed, to know what you want, and to manifest it into your life by going after it.

-La Niña Internacional-

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