“Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment. Predict, foresee, view, envision, rely on or upon. Having the desires of optimism, joy, desire, wanting, and wishing. Faith is having the belief and trust in a higher power. the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen with the eyes, but with the mind and soul. Faith is reliance and trust. Gratitude is a feeling of abundance, peace, happiness, completeness and entire. Knowing that everything you need is always with you in the present.”

April is almost here!! It has been a very rainy month not only here in Utah, but in many other places in the world. There have been many days and weeks since March of this year, when many of us have spent more time indoors than usual, looking out the window at times, only to see the gloomy, dark, snowy or rainy scenery in front of us. We have already experienced the change of seasons many times before, so we know for sure, the view in front of us will eventually change for sure, we just don’t know when exactly, but we “hope” it is very soon.

And even though we all have many different personal beliefs, year after year, season after season, we all know an extraordinary power, something bigger than ourselves, will bring about those changes, so we all have faith. Soon enough we see the first small insects emerging from the earth and the first flowers blossoming and peeking through the buds, reaching out for the sun rays. We see new life everywhere in nature, coming to join our own. We feel gratitude, and as many times before, we have seen a miracle evolve once again.

We all have a piece of our creator inside of us; therefore, we are all creators. Creators of our life, our many experiences and our many circumstances. With the same certainty we know the seasons change and with the same certainty we know there is Summer after Spring, we must remember that every time we want to accomplish something that requires a great amount of belief within us.

We can have anything we know we deserve to have, and we believe we can attain it, and so we do. We are powerful because we were given that power to live, and while we are alive, we can create and manifest wonderful things. Our mere presence is a miracle of its own and for that we need to be grateful and because of that, we need to know that we are so special and so capable of much more than we think we are, and that we can achieve great things in life, including our own miracles.

This month of March has brought upon many wonderful miracles into my life and amazing spiritual experiences so far, and for that, I am immensely grateful. I will be sharing more of these experiences throughout the Summer, so please, stay tuned. I hope you can enjoy your own new miracles and you continue to create more in your life!!

-La Niña Internacional-

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