Be Happy !! Be Red!!


Red is one of those colors that goes well alone, with white, with black or with many other colors. Red represents love and passion for many. Many have chosen this color to represent victory and triumph, and many use red to celebrate romantic love.

I wish I could see more guys and girls totally dressed in red from head to toe, on any occasion and just because, which I have never ever recall, seen in my life.

I have seen girls wearing a red dress with black color accessories, including shoes, or hats, and I have seen a lot of people wear black and accessories with red, for Christmas and New Year’s, that’s it, however, I don’t remember seeing someone wearing just red, women or men on any other on a seemingly “regular” day, and specially around Valentine’ Day.

I honestly think wearing a beautiful red hue, whether it be in clothing, shoes, accessories and specially or lips, is a very bold statement and why not, attention grabbing. You want the world to notice you, to give you their undivided attention, and to know you are empowered.

So, I dare you, just because, on any occasion and why not, especially this Valentine’s Day. I dare you to wear just the red, to irradiate love and to celebrate the season and your season to shine.

You are bold and brave enough to say without words: “I am beautiful and gorgeous. I can do anything I want to do. I deserve all the love out there. I am powerful and brave, and I deserve to be notice, so here I am.”

So, you go and get that gorgeously beautiful bouquet of red roses for yourself, to accessorize even more, that beautiful red outfit of yours and walk around and about, with the most beautiful red smile of all. I guarantee you; you will make a lot of people smile back at you and feel happy themselves, looking at the most beautiful and lovely image in front of them. (You may inspire many to do the same and that will be a great thing!!)

Celebrate the day. Celebrate you. Pamper yourself, look even more amazing than you always feel inside. Be that Man or Lady in red, and oh, Happy Valentine’s Day my darlings!!


-La Niña Internacional-

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